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Turnbull, Abe's ambitious enlightenment project

rime Ministers Turnbull and Abe hope to shield their unconventional nations from the global power shifts threatening the foundations of six decades of shared prosperity.

Bitcoin a 'bubble' like MySpace

Currency expert Kenneth Rogoff warns that Bitcoin is "totally a bubble" because governments will ultimately impose regulations.


Process Intelligence: Driving Digital Transformation

The Australian meat and livestock industry is braving new waters towards digital transformation.

Investor activism is the new black

Led by Elliott's campaign against BHP, American-style corporate activism is now hitting Australia's biggest companies and their boards.

Quick fix to energy crisis 140 characters at time

Mike Cannon-Brookes saw the Financial Review’s story about an offer posted on Twitter and tweeted to Elon Musk whether he could guarantee 100MW of power supply for South Australia in 100 days.

Be People Ready

HR software for business owners. Attracting, selecting and retaining the right people is crucial for your business but can also take up a lot of your time.

Global economy enters 'catch-up' growth phase

Kenneth Rogoff says the global economy is entering a "catch-up" growth phase and that countries including Australia should benefit.

Trump makes sane, sober choice in Powell

Powell may face the puzzle of how to deal with the next recession if interest rates are still abnormally low, former IMF chief economist and keynote speaker for the 2018 Business Summit Kenneth Rogoff writes.


Supporting conservation through innovation

Arid Recovery is a conservation project in remote South Australia dedicated to innovation in the protection of endangered species.

Business needs to re-establish its basic purpose to generate the opportunity, prosperity and security most Australians demand.

Sometimes the gut knows better

Airtasker CEO Tim Fung warned the Australian Financial Review Business Summit of the dangers of data-driven tunnel vision.


The Future of Talent: Opportunities Unlimited

As workplaces evolve, business need to rethink their approach to building the workforce of the future.


The potential of Sydney's aerotropolis

Western Sydney Airport (WSA) could be the centrepiece of a holistic development, or ‘aerotropolis’, that has the potential to become a hub of activity...

Putting more into people

TAFE NSW is Australia’s largest training provider at the leading edge of corporate education with offerings of customised training programs, delivered by industry experienced teachers.

Harnessing data power of drones

Drones are a major source of Big Data and are changing accounting and audit in a seismic shift.

How banks can keep customer trust in the age of AI

There are more questions than answers in the robo-world that’s coming our way, but with care banks can turn these into positives and still protect data.

Build-to-Rent in Australia

In remaining fixated on home ownership, are we holding our gaze on an unattainable goal? It’s time to shift the conversation around Australia's rental market, to highlight the importance of every person having access to housing. 

Gunning for drones

How can we protect our privacy against badly-behaved drones? Claire Newey CA, CFO of DroneShield in Sydney works with business and government to detect and block invasive drones.

Supporting the communities that support us

BHP supports communities by sponsoring initiatives like 'Mining Minds' — an educational program based in South Australia.

Rethinking our cities

Rethinking our cities Australian cities are experiencing growing pains.


Over 100 Years of Social Innovation

Social Innovation starts with an idea: one simple thought that has the power to change the world.


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